3DP NEPAL is the Zener Technologies sales portal for 3D Printers and Filaments. Visit Zener Technologies to know more about the company. 

3D Printers

First and foremost, the decision of choosing the right 3D printer for you is very difficult one. What type of? From which manufacturer? What are the features with all those jargon description? What build size? Cost of Printers? What if? Range of material support? Dual or Single Extruder? Heated bed or without heated bed? Which Slicer? What is Slicer?
For every possible confusion and reservation we are here to provide you free counselling and guidance so that you won’t end up buying what you didn’t asked for.

Our Models

Now you can buy 3D printers in Nepal. Currently we have UP models, you can directly contact us to know more about our existing models. We are planning to introduce Printr Bot and Ultimaker models soon. According to orders, needs and demands, we will soon expand our ranges of 3D printers from different manufacturers.

3D printer type varies greatly and so does their potential, currently we are starting only with Fused Deposition Modeling (FDF) printers. With considerable progress in prototyping, production, research, science in coming days there will be a need of much faster, bigger and powerful 3D printers including Selective laser sintering (SLS) and resin-based (SLA/DLP) 3D printers. We are optimistic towards that transformed future for which this, we think, is a small step.